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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's practical and proven programs for personal enlightenment, national invincibility, and world peace, are made available in Nepal through two nonprofit educational charitable organizations: the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation and the Nepal Global Mother Divine Organization.

Our educational programmes include the Transcendental MeditationTM technique and the TM-Sidhi Programme. More than 600 scientific research studies have documented the beneficial effects of these easy-to-learn programmes.

Free introductory presentations on the Transcendental Meditation programme are available.
Call 977-1-4473107 or 977-1-4488233 or 9801013022

Ladies call 977-1-4473107 or 977-1-4488233 or 9851140702

We also sponsor the Maharishi Vedic PanditTM program to help create coherence and peace for Nepal and the world.

Mr. Deepak Baskota is the Chairman of the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation and former State Minister for Home Affairs, Government of Nepal, former Executive Chairman of the National Cooperative Federation of Nepal, former President of the Himalayan Orthodox Tea Producers Association and Chairperson of the Tea Development Alliance, advisor to the National Cooperative Bank Ltd., Member of National Parliament for the Panchthar District, in 1994.

Mrs. Kalpana Ghimire is the Chairwoman for the Nepal Global Mother Divine Organization.

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation and Nepal Global Mother Divine Organization
Siphal Chauri- 7, ShaBhakti Marga
Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O.Box: 8821  
Phone: 977-1-4473107 or 977-1-4488233  
Email: info@maharishi.org.np

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