Earthquake Update: Bringing Solutions to Nepal

  • Earthquake Update: Bringing Solutions to Nepal

    Dear Friends of Nepal:
    On April 25, just before noon, Nepal was struck by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter was approximately 50 miles from Kathmandu and about 30 miles from Pokhara—roughly the center of the country.

    Our Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation (NMVF) staff, CBE Teachers, and Pandits have been fortunate—they are all safe but many lost family homes back in their villages. I have spent much time this last week tracking down the families of our NMVF Team; some family members and loved ones were lost, but fortunately most are safe.

    Also, we have made the large open area at our TM Center in Kathmandu available for neighbors and local people to camp outside during the five days of continual aftershocks, giving them some refuge until it was safe for them to return to their homes.

    Structural damage to the country has been massive. Most homes in the villages have been, literally, flattened as they are largely made of mud and stone with no mortar so most of them simply crumbled. In Kathmandu, older parts of the city have been especially hard-hit, with damage to the ancient temples and other structures at some of the most holy sites in our country. Fortunately, the most venerable and holy temple in Nepal, at Pashupatinath, sustained almost no damage.

    The destruction in the rural districts and in the Kathmandu Valley has saddened us all, but it could have been much worse. The seismologists estimated that an earthquake of this magnitude could easily have resulted in 100’s of thousands of fatalities, but because of the timing, casualties were much less, currently about 7000. This is because the quake hit at noon on a Saturday, the day off in Nepal. Thus, schools were closed and many places of business and all government offices were closed, and most people were out and about, instead of inside their homes. In the rural areas most families were out in the fields planting the spring crops or preparing their fields. If the quake had struck at night or the early morning hours instead of mid-day, the death toll could have been significantly higher.

    So it is a miracle that the earthquake occurred during a relatively narrow window of time that minimized harm to the people of Nepal. But still, it will take great effort and billions to rebuild. The people of Nepal are naturally resilient, positive and resourceful, and as a result, rebuilding has already begun. About 650,000 people have left Kathmandu, returning to their villages to help rebuild their family homes and help with other relief work. I also want to appreciate the response from the International Community for their generous support from around the world which is providing aid to the millions who are, today, literally without a roof over their head. It is critical that coherence be created now in collective consciousness so that all these relief efforts are accomplished easily, quickly, and most efficiently.

    And we are confident that our efforts over the last few years to implement Maharishi’s programs to enliven Nepal’s national consciousness must have contributed profoundly to soften the impact of the earthquake.

    Since establishing our Foundation on Akshya Tritiya Day in 2008, our nation has experienced consistently increasing positivity and coherence on every level—politically, socially, and economically. Nepal still has many challenges before it, but the Programs that Maharishi designed for Nepal have already profoundly benefitted the nation. For instance, it was recently reported that the crime rate in Nepal has decreased overall, with the greatest decrease—a full 50%—in eastern Nepal where we have implemented a large-scale TM program. Based on this concrete progress, we are more confident than ever that what we can most effectively do to support our dear nation during this time of national emergency, is to create the foundation of enlivened collective consciousness upon which the future safety of the nation can be secured.

    Our plan now, here at our Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation, is in five areas:

    1. Teach the TM-Sidhis program to the 1500 students who have already learned TM and are ready to become Sidhas.
    2. Inspire the city planners and engineers, who are tasked with managing the rebuilding in Kathmandu and the villages of the countryside, to rebuild the whole city and nation according to Maharishi Vastu Vidya, as well as according to the most advanced principles of sustainability and earthquake resistance. Dr. Eike Hartmann and Wojtek Skalski will be making a presentation in the very near future to top officials of the Nepal government on Vastu City Planning and the Vastu shield effect.
    3. Train additional teachers of TM to help bring relief to people traumatized by the earthquake.
    4. Raise funds to immediately construct Maharishi Vastu campuses on Maharishi Vastu-approved sites located in 4 regions of Nepal, from which coherence can radiate to all corners of the nation.
    5. Expand Raja John Fagan’s program, the Healing Herbs Nepal project, which is creating new jobs for Nepal’s villagers, producing organic and Maharishi Vedic Organic medicinal herbs to improve health around the world, and protecting biodiversity of Nepal’s indigenous medicinal herbs. At its current scale, Healing Herbs Nepal will create at least 25,000 new practitioners of the TM program. By expanding this project by 10 fold, and by implementing the other projects that we have planned across the nation of Nepal, we can profoundly stabilize the collective consciousness of the nation.

    I also want to thank all of our friends and supporters from our global TM organization for your heartfelt and loving concern—Raja Kingsley and I have received 100’s of emails from all over the world from people asking about our NMVF family.

    If anyone wants to participate in our action plan in anyway, you can help by going to the Nepal Foundation website: and clicking the “Donate” button on the top menu bar. Or go to the specific donate page:

    Together I am confident that we can re-build Nepal and fulfill the work that Maharishi began during his visit to Nepal in November of 1974, when he inspired the Nepali people with the words, “Nepal to Lead the World.”

    Jai Guru Dev
    Deepak Baskota,
    Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation

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